Masterklass in Paris from December 2016 to November 2017

«The illiterate of the future, it has been said, will not be the man who cannot read the alphabet, but the one who cannot take a photograph. But must we not also count as illiterate the photographer who cannot read his own pictures?»

Walter Benjamin commenting a quotation by László Moholy-Nagy, in Short History of Photography, 1931.

Version Française

The first edition of the Masterklass was a real success. Therefore a second edition of the Masterklass is launched, from December 2016 till November 2017.  Unique in its approach of contemporay photography, proposing a one year series of group and individual encounters, the specificity of the Masterklass lays in the fact that each participant is being offered an individual program lead by two masters of photography, both as renowned as appreciated internationally, Nestan NIJARADZE and Klavdij SLUBAN.

Le Masterklass takes place in the heart of Paris, in a spacious and luminous artist loft from December 2016 to November 2017.

Le Masterklass is made of 4 group meetings throughout the year, but most specially of  an individual coaching, according to the evolution of each participant’s evolution and creation..

In one word, a tailor-made Masterklass.

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